The ESS/DES Experiment

Welcome to my experiment. Well, it’s not the experiment although it might be an experiment w/in an experiment. 

This website is where I’m documenting an experiment in business development. It’s all going in here. Every decision. Every concern. Every bit of research. 

If you look in the sidebar (the footer on mobile), you’ll see a countdown of days remaining, a progress bar, and a breakdown of the website.

I’m following the scientific method: question, hypothesis, experiment, data, and conclusion.

Question will have 1 whole post in it.

Hypothesis will include research and planning. All sales and marketing plans are hypotheses.

Experiment is where I’ll track my execution.

Data will be the home for monthly reports.

And the conclusion will matter in about 18 months.

Announcements are related items that aren’t actually part of the experiment like the work log for this website. There’s also a post explaining why I’m doing this like this on the full introduction post.

Comments are enabled at this point (10JAN21). I don’t expect tons of comments but I’d love feedback and discussion. Let’s see if we can keep the spammers at bay.

Experiment status

Days Remaining



Goal: $8334 MRR

Future metrics?

Interviews: ?
Email Subs: ?
Memberships: ?